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What’s On-Air Now?

The Smoke Show (Sundays) 4pm-5pm

*Our own dedicated playlist to being 4:20 Friendly

The Cosmic Light Show w/ Hosts Ashley Dite and Jrock

With Guests Karmen Fink (Hearts Joy) & Paula Fraley 

* This is a new show beginning on December 13th 2020 at 7pm EST exploring spirituality and meanings of life. If you'd like to be a guest on a show please submit your name, birthday, and contact info to


The 80's Rock Roundtable with JROCK (Sundays & Thursdays) 8pm-9pm

*Are you into Classic Rock and Hairbands?  This show is definitely for you!

New Music Monday (1pm-2pm)

*Check out all of ipanda's newest additions not only in normal rotation, but altogether in this special one hour block every Monday afternoon AND Monday evenings from 7pm-8pm.

iPanda's Rush Hour

(Monday-Friday 5pm-7pm)

*Stuck in traffic?  Maybe heading to the gym to work off some aggression?  Tune in to our Rush Hour program for the angriest and most upbeat rock we play all day!  Now also playing from 6am-8am!

2fer Tuesday (2pm-5pm)

* Did somebody say twins?  Check out our two for Tuesday special every week for back to back tunes from your favorite rock artists!

iPanda Undercover Wednesday (7pm-9pm)

* Cover songs are popular here and they too get their own show every Wednesday from 7-9pm

Relationship Therapy Thursday (1pm-3pm)

* These songs are mostly anti-relationship for those needing to heal broken hearts.  Some rock love songs are added to even it out as well.

Saturday Night Live


* We all love concerts and sometimes we can't always make it to them.  This is Saturday night live, 2 hours of nothing but live performances to fill the void of missing live shows.